Ujvara is the newest brand restaurant in Tirana, but yet one of the oldest and most famous hangout spot in the city since 1991.

The branding process of this restaurant was as exciting as it was challenging. We had to keep the name and logo simple and identifiable by the old customers but at the same time attractive and creative to new ones, with an entirely new target group.

Based on the name and the interior of the restaurant, we have tried to implement as many nature elements in it. Our logo consists of a single wordmark. It embodies the elegance and form associated with the word it represents, Ujvara-Waterfall. On the other hand our logo represents our traits like:

–           Modernism

–           Quality

–           Status

–           Simplicity

–           Intelligence

Also, we implemented earth colors, where as the main color we have chosen deep green or forest green, to represent the habitat of a waterfall.

The result is a modern and elegant brand with contemporary elements that will last in time.